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Continuing Education and Cybersecurity

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

If you are a licensed professional in any state, you most likely need continuing education credits. Protect yourself with a lesson in cybersecurity.

Most any profession with a license requires annual or bi-annual continuing education credits. The concept is to make sure all licensed professionals, no matter the industry, are up to date on the latest in their field, be it education, insurance, real estate or law. But there is a common area in all of these fields where something has been missing, Cybersecurity.

We often hear the term but think it really has nothing to do with us, or even our job. Yeah, you use a computer throughout the day, but who wants to get into your machine? Right?

Wrong. Every machine, even those that are no computers but have access to the internet, like a wireless thermostat, or your wireless doorbell, or even a cat-scan machine in a hospital, all are vulnerable to cyber attacks.

The real estate industry alone has seen an increase of cyber attacks over the last 12 months. last year the Real Estate industry alone lost more than $6 billion due to cyber crimes.

So when it is that time of year again, don't take the same old CE class that bores you to tears and you really do not get much out of it, look for a class on cyber security and protect yourself, your customers, and your business.


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